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The 1979 Scout II International was my first truck which I purchased through a friend from Tucson which had a friend in Oracle Arizona, a small town near by the famous Biosphere2, which had it sitting on his farm as a chicken coop. Even if you think that you could imagine how the vehicle looked when I saw it the first time, think again. I can tell you that I drove it all the way home to Tucson, AZ in second gear, a giant pickel jar serving as fuel tank, a milk crate as a seat, all windows open, but happy to have it bought for the 400 bucks the farmer sold it to me.
When the time arrived for the Scout to see the road again, I had re-done the complete interior, fixed the engine, rebuild the tranny, repaired the 4wheel, added many performance parts, restored the frame & body by removing all rust and making the repairs needed, and finally giving it a new paint job. I had lots of fun with it and made more then a handful of extended trips into the Arizona Desert.

The 4x4 my wife had was a Isuzu Trooper II which was on the second engine. My wifes business required to have her work stored inside of the cab. It was clear that the little engine which couldn't was just not cutting it and the Troopers engine started to fail again, we decided to get rid of the Isuzu instead of fixing it. One thing I will always remember is that somehow from somewhere some sort of oil ended up on my boot everytime I drove it, and to this day I couldn't tell you what it was.

Neither of the trucks are still family members and we had to resort back to on driving a standard street car again, this time we decided for a Pontiac Grand AM for economical reasons.

We just purchased our very first house in Roswell, New Mexico and money was tight We thought that we didn't really need a big truck living now in the "big" city of Roswell and we decided on a Pontiac Grand AM which served us well until it developed issues with the Body Control Module which rendered the entire instrument panel in the dash absolutely useless.

1979 Scout II International

Isuzu Trooper II

I just became a dad to a wonderful boy and at that time we planned our relocation and sold the house. A new home in Michigan promised more room for the family, and a better enviroment for the kid. For the upcoming move I wanted something that was safe for my precious cargo a vehicle comfortable on the road especially knowing that the Michigan UP winters are brutal. A truck or SUV was the only smart choice for us.

I missed going off-road and trying to find a 4x4 capable vehicle didn't leave my mind. Our moving date came up very quickly and I could not push a new car purchase out any longer. We needed a truck now! After a long afternoon of car shopping at the local Chevy and Ford dealers I came home with nothing to show for and our moving date was the next day! So I went out early the next morning to take another close look at the out of my budget Chevy Avalanche I had seen the previous day. As I arrived at the dealer at 8am, everything was closed up and the business sign stated that they wouldn't open up for another hour. Coffee anybody?
I decided to spend the time checking out a Hyundai Dealer down the road just for kicks to bridge the time gap. To my astonishment they already were open for business.
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The "Photo Gallery" has some of my favorite pictures of my Durango, our family trips, and others of interest.
A casual dressed sales guy came out in a very relaxed fashion, coffee in hand, offering me one as well, and to my surprise certainly not pushy at all. What a difference to the cage of hungry lions I walked into the day before.
After I had a small chat with the guy he went and showed me what was available on used trucks on the lot, but nothing really got my attention and while checking out the last truck which would fit my bill, I couldn't believe what I almost missed!

A Garage Queen of a Dodge Durango, incredible low milage, perfect body, not a single spot of rust, and all available factory options including the factory V8 5.9l with limited slip differential. It was stunned and almost didn't dare to ask about the selling price, but I did!

I have wanted a Dodge Durango since I had seen it the first time on a TV commercial and later on the street, but at the time of it's release, not really a purchase I could have been able to afford.

OK, I admit I just layed out all my cards to the sales guy and he had it easy with me from this point onward. I just gave it away with my ah-struck face, the glow in my eyes, or was it...
Well, I purchased this Dodge Durango and because it had already all the features I could think of or wanted I was quite happy to say the least!

Here is my Durango, the way it was when I purchased it.
I managed to get from the dealer four brand new tires of my choice for free with the purchase of my new Durango. I choose Goodyear Wranglers MTR's, these have been tires I used to have on my old Scout and I knew they would perform well. My new Durango went to get washed, they were filling her up with gas, mounting new tires, and give her a full checkup, and a free alignment. After a three hour wait, the paperwork was behind me, and I finally hit the road. My wife was standing on the door step when I pulled up in the driveway. Her happy face assured me that she liked the Durango as well.

This truck will be able to carry enough gear for two adults and my son to go on exploratory trips comfortably for a week, maybe even more. It can carry all our gear easily and still be simple enough so that I could park, set up some camping chairs and enjoying a perfect lunch break in the outdoors. The most important thing for right now was that we had a truck and we are able to get onto the road to Michigan!

Our family had finally again a great vehicle and I for myself went back into the 4x4 hobby which also started this website!

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