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Modifying the T-Max Winch Clutch Handle!

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Last Updated: 12/2/2013
Winch Handle Mod

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The handle which engages and disengages the clutch on my T-Max winch was giving me problems with rusting and it icing up when in the snow. I needed to make changes to allow it to sit below my front bumper edge above the winch body to avoid the issue with ice.
The other problem was that viscosity generally increases with low temperatures and the grease in the winch is no exception to this rule. I needed to give me a bit more leverage when temperatures are really low until the winch warms up do to recovery operation.
A new handle needed to be made!

Shopping List:
Well, I really had everything for this project in the shop.
A small piece of 1/4" metal was all what was needed.

After removing the single bolt which holds the handle in the winch's gear body, I pulled the handle out and used a sharpie to mark the position to which the handle was pointing before taking a hack saw to it. I left enough of the handle stem on it to allow it to pass through I hole I have drilled into a piece of 1/4" metal..

I then stuck the metal piece on top of the handle body and proceeded with welding it to the remaining handle stem. I then de-burred all edges and used my bench mounted belt sander to round it off.

I de-greased the handle and after a quick priming Iand 10 minutes of wait I then applied Dupli-Color truck bed coating to it and letting it sit overnight to cure out.

I then re-installed the new and improved version of this handle back onto the winch and tested it's function a few time with a good amount of force to ensure it's working well. All is good!

Being the least expensive mod ever because my cost was zip, nada, zilch, it sure solved a lot of problems one really doesn't think about until you're in the middle of nowhere in -5°F (-15°C) and you need to use your winch.

This project was completed 01-10-2013

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