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Last Updated: 12/2/2013
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The "Photo Gallery" has some of my favorite pictures of my Durango, our family trips, and others of interest.

One of the many possible situations that will stop my Durango from moving is getting myself stuck in snow, mud, or sand. This can happen at any time when I am on or off the road especially here in the UP.

Since I cannot always avoid such a dilemma, I am certainly capable of preparing for it when I do need recovery with the purchase and install of widely available recovery gear.

I feel responsibility as a driver in the Michigan UP to be well equipped to get myself out of the mess without having to rely on someone else to rescue me.

Lot's of recovery gear currently cramped into a small space!

I am also able to help a tourist who got stuck having been unaware of how extreme the conditions up here can be in particular during the winter season.

The winch: Purchasing a good winch can get expensive quick but considering the importance of a winch up here, it is an indispensable item. The cost of my T-Max winch alone was about 725 dollars. Then if I factor in the costs of the syntetic rope conversion, accessories such as a tree strap and a snatch block, shackles, etc. all this is adding up rather quickly. Then are the upgrades to my vehicle such as a winch cut-off switch, a better more powerful battery, and a high output alternator to go along with my winch.

T-Max Winch 5.50HP / 12500 lbs.

But wait there is more: Although I do not consider a fire extinguisher directly as recovery gear and I hope I never need it but when I do because my winch starts to fry electric cables I don't want to to be without one. I choose the 2lb capacity Auto Fire Extinguisher made by Kidde Fire and Safety. It is compact, easy to handle and use during a hazardous situation. It is U.L. Rated 5-B:C and designed for single use.

I am now already well over 2000 bucks. Mind you that's without any mounting options for the winch such as my heavy duty front bumper.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from fitting their vehicle with proper recovery gear as just the opposite is true, I am only stating the fact that it can be expensive for the budget minded such as myself.
So I think it's wise one educates themself about the fundamentals of a winch and other recovery gear so that one can feel safe and make an educated decision when the time arises.

This recovery section of my website got started in March 2012 in response of the many emails I have received about my recovery gear, the winch and other equipment I personally use to get out of a sticky situation. Below you will find a growing list of all my recovery gear, the accessories, and items I bring along in the Durango for that purpose.

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T-Max Off Road Series 5.50 HP 12500 lbs Winch
To recover myself and others in need, my heavy duty winch is one of the most important recovery equipment I have on my Durango. Go here to read about it.

Winch Syntetic Cable Conversion
I discovered a kink in the winch cable and instead of replacing the cable I went all out and converted the winch from steel cable to the more desirable synthetic rope. Go here to read about it.


Winch Handle Mod
The handle which engages and disengages the clutch on my T-Max winch was giving me problems with rusting and it icing up when in the snow. A new handle needed to be made! Go here to read about it.


Winch Accessories
The winch by itself is a great recovery option but I also needed accessories to go along with it such as a Tree Strap, Bow- or D-Shackles, and a good Snatch Block. Go here to read about it.

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