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Last Updated: 12/3/2013
Plug Wires

Taylor Cable Products, Inc.
Address: 301 Highgrove Road,
Grandview, MO 64030
Phone: (816) 765-5011
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Summit Racing Equipment
Address: P.O. Box 909
Akron, OH 44398-6177
Phone: 800-230-3030
Fax: 330-630-5333
The Order Line is open 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.
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Vision Motorworks
Phone: 305-231-3388
Hours : Monday - Saturday
9:00 AM To 7:00 PM
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Most spark plug wires are pretty durable. They aren't a moving part but they have an insulation which can crack. The insulation (the rubber or silicone on the outside of the wire) keeps the electricity where it needs to be so it sparks on the inside of the engine, not someplace else before it gets there. If the insulation is cracked, the spark will jump off the wire, or arc, onto the closest metal under the hood.

The Dodge Tech manual states clearly to replace the OEM wires at the 60k maintance point. My blue colored Summit Racing 8mm spark plug wires have less then 8000 Miles on them and after a careful inspection I detected that one of the wires was sitting on the header. It's insulation had melted and needs to be replaced.

I decided to replace them all with a new ThunderVolt50 10.4mm diameter racing spark plug wire set from Taylor. I ordered the Taylor Cable 98082 - Taylor ThunderVolt 50 Spark Plug Wire Set here for 123 bucks from Summit Racing Equipment.

To this date no independent dynamometer test I know of has shown any increase in horsepower over stock wires that were correctly installed and working properly but a quality set of ignition wires that can carry the full output of performance ignition systems while providing superior EMI suppression for electronically managed engines and superior heat resistance is something a performance engine deserves and what was likely the biggest reason for me to go with them is that I really love the looks of those beefy ThunderVolts50, they also have the right color which will match the rest of my engine bay perfectly.

Manufacturers Description:
Nothing delivers the sparking power like these ThunderVolt ignition wires. The 10.5mm wires use a ferrite spiral-wound core made with an exclusive copper/nickel alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic latex cover. The result is just 50 ohms/foot of resistance. Plus, they can withstand heat up to 600 degrees F and have 102,000 V dielectric strength. Other features include a heat-treated fiberglass braid, a triple-silicone outer layer, and silicone boots.


ThunderVolt 50, Spiro-Wound, 10.4mm, Black, 180 Degree Boots for Dodge, Truck, 5.2/5.9L
* THUNDERVOLT®50 is the ABSOLUTE best .409 inch, 10.4mm diameter high tech, high performance ignition wire available. IROC DYNO-Tested and Track Proven, achieving 5 HP and 7 lbs. torque better than the competition.

* 50 Ohm Ferrite Spiral-Wound coated core blend of exclusive copper/nickel alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic cover. Our Ferrite Spiral-Wound low resistance core provides optimum RFI and EMI suppression and is compatible with use on most electronic ignition systems and components.

* Features a tightly woven heat treated fiberglass braid eliminating the need for additional sleeving.

* Exclusive three layer 100% ZIMPLEX® silicone outer jacket provides additional heat and abrasion protection up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 102,000 volts dielectric strength, a must for the extreme conditions of open wheel racing and under hood temperatures.

* Available in Black with Gold lettering with color coordinated low profile 100% silicone PROBOOTS® featuring vibration proof double spring locking spark plug terminals.

purchased the kit and the Dielectric Tune-Up Grease at Summit Racing Equipment

Spark Plug Wire Separators
I always use wire separators when installing spark plug wires. The problem is, that most of these clamp style plastic separators, which are often supplied free with or within a spark plug wire kit, are not securely enough grip the plug wires.

Vision Motorworks Billet Wire Separators
The loss of a separator or a wire popping out and gone with them is the preventing of plug wires from contacting hot engine components like the headers. It is not a pretty picture and that's the reason I use the billet seperators which when tightened clamp the spark plug wires in place.

My favorite always have been Vision Motorworks billet wire separators. I used them on all my trucks and wanted a few more for this install.

I had no luck on contacting Vision Motorworks directly but I found them on ebay and purchased 3 kits for the cool price of 7 bucks each.

I have used them with the 8mm wires before but they feel a bit loose and I had to use a bit of electric tape to enlarge the diameter of the wires to secure them properly. This was not a problem with the new ThunderVolt50's, these seem to be a perfect fit, look great, and perform flawless

The basic procedure of this project is to remove the old spark plug wires by disconnecting them from the distributer cap and from the spark plugs and replace them with this new ThunderVolt50 racing wire set from Taylor.
I took off all the billet separators I had installed with the Summit 8mm wire kit not to long ago. I went on and replaced the blue Summit wires with the new ThunderVolt50 Spark Plug Wires. I am doing this one wire at the time, this way I don't have to worry about the cylinder's firing order.

Some of the spark plug wire boots were very difficult to push onto the plugs despite the fact that I apply plenty of the Dielectric grease to aid in the install and to protect the connections.
The kit did come Dielectric grease but I used the LocTite brand grease with I have purchased along with the kit from Summit

Loctite Dielectric Tune-Up Grease 37534 provides a moisture-proof barrier that lubricates and protects the electrical connections from salt, dirt, and corrosion.

Dielectric grease prevents voltage leaks around electrical connectors, and is required on modern high-energy ignition systems.

After this was done, I re-install the billet wire separators and wrap the coil wire with loom. Of course, the lack of available space around and above the spark plug heat shields didn't make this easier. All things considered, this project was simple to do and was done with in less than an hour on a Saturday afternoon!

After going for a quick test drive around the block and making sure that all cylinders fire, this project has been completed sucessfully. It took me from begin to finsish about 2 hours.
I really love those beefy new spark plug wires from the ThunderVolt50 Spark Plug Wire kit!
Everything looks super especially with the Vision Motorworks billet wire separators.
There arean't cheap and I hope they will last a long time.

This project was completed on 12-30-2009

Update 11-30-2013
No issues to report after 4 years of running them in the Durango.
The ThunderVolt50 Spark Plug Wires are still perform and look like new.

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