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Last Updated: 12/3/2013
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04-18-2012 - Every time I shut the right rear door the bezel which houses the power window switch popped up. This was an annoyance to say the least. I tried double sided tape and even considered a dab of crazy glue as a quick fix but to be honest, I just ignored the issue while having so many other things going on in my head.

Despite the fact that it was bugging me every time I hopped in the Durango and having lived with it for some time now, I thought I am going to tackle this issue today once and for all.

Spending some time investigating the issue it was pointing clearly to the small tab on front of the bezel which suppose to clamp and hold it between the plastic of the door panel itself.

Purchasing a replacement bezel would be a quick fix but I thought spending 30 bucks plus shipping for a part that could be fixed didn't seem very economical and I may end up with the same problem down the line as it appears to me that the little clip is a bit on the weak side.

I removed the bezel from the door panel and unplugged the connector attached to the power window switch. After looking a bit closer at the issue at hand I realized that although the tab was broken off, the rear which looks like a small ramp was still there and this gave me automatically the correct height.

After that it was actually a pretty simple fix, I fabricated a tab from a small piece of aluminum, and shaped it as pictured to act as the new clamping force. I then drilled a hole into the rear part to affix it over the small post aka stand off the bezel had. drilled the hole just large enough to fit the new aluminum tab I just fabricated. I was using a slight amount of force to push it over the small stand-off from the bezel. It's a very snug fit.

On what to use for glue I decided on fast setting plastic epoxy which I still had on my shelf from a previous project. I did use a generous amount and tried to work as quick as possible because it takes less than 10 minutes for the epoxy to harden and any resetting will no longer be possible.

I then added a small piece of felt so it would glide nicely into place and out of place when lifted. It also prevents scratching the door panel if I do have to remove it some day again.
I checked all the clips which hold the bezel in place and made small adjustments where necessary.

The epoxy has a working time of about 8 minutes but needs 4-8 hours to fully cure through. Curing also depends on temperature and humidity, thus I went ahead and let the bezel sit for another day, just to make sure that the epoxy had plenty of time to cure completely through.
The fabricated tab was bent to shape...

...and some plastic epoxy finishes the job.

All done!

I then installed the bezel into the door panel after reconnecting the plug for the window power switch.

To sum it all up, I am quite happy with the repair especially because it was an easy and free fix which took only about an hour to accomplish. Everything works now and the bezel is held securely in place in the door panel even if the door is slammed shut...
...which of course never happens :-).

But best of all, I don't have to think about it anymore!

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