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Last Updated: 12/3/2013
Window Regulator w/Motor

RockAuto, LLC
6680 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 608-661-1376
Fax: 608-836-5694
Toll-Free: 866-762-5288

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07-25-2010 - When jumping back into the Durango after sitting out on the lake enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon it happened, closing the driver door and without touching anything, the window just went down without any warning. Not cool!
After getting home and getting the door panel and plastic material off the door, I see the steel cables just flopping around in the door. After another hour of trying about anything I could think of, I came to the conclusion that this wasn't fixable without ordering new parts.

I went online and ordered from RockAuto a new Window Regulator w/Motor for less than 70 bucks shipped vs. the 285 bucks + tax my local dealer would have charged me.

Let's just hope there isn't a follow up on the bottom of this page in a few month down the road because of a crappy aftermarket part :-)

Well, the removal and installation could not have been easier. All in all it took less than an hour to get it all done. I realized that I really needed the help of another person, in my case, my wife helped along with holding on to the window once the bolts were removed from the window carrier. The replacement part dropped right in and reuses the bolts from the old regulator and comes with new ones for the motor mount.

Beforehand, I simply chopped of the steel cables connecting the old motor to the old regulator for ease of removal. I then installed the new regulator with the attached motor while my wife held the window in the up position. I then had her to release the window until it sat on the carrier of the new regulator and bolted the window onto that. I then plugged the connector of the new motor in and performed a quick function test in which my son had to assist. Pushing buttons is for a 3 year old is not a problem at all even if they are mine :-)

The entire repair took about an hour with the help of the little expert next to me in the third picture.
He is "all hands on deck" as soon as I open the door to my garage.

Removing the door panel and pulling the water dam material down to gain access.

Here is the new replacement part, it is still in the sealed baggy.

A quick install and on with the function test. The window works again!

Refastening the water dam PVC sheet and reinstalling the door panel.

Hooking back up the door handle puller rod and locking mechanism.

All done under an hour. It was such a hassle not having this window working for 4 days. I am more than happy to have this working again!
Twice l have been leaving in sunshine weather, thinking it's

all good, but then being surprised by rain, and if it rains in the UP, it rains! Let's just hope this inexpensive part will hold up, dodging a 400 dollar plus dealer repair feels especially good when everything turns out good!

It was a simple fix and seeing my boy having fun fixing stuff with dad is priceless to me!

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