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Installing a LifeHammer into a Cup Holder!

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Some time has passed since I threw out the third row seating and even after the Complete Rear Interior Compartment Remake!, one of my biggest projects, there always has been one thing which remained and didn't quite look right. It is the third row cup holder! Unless I would have a wild party in the rear cab, there isn't much use for it. The idea to integrate a LifeHammer into the cup holder was born.

I also figured that I could chop off the bottom of the cup holder and install a grill of some sort to enhance air circulation to the subwoofer amp which is hidden below that panel. Not that this was an issue or even necessary but it would give the project more reason and it would also add some flair to it :-)

LifeHammer not only is the next step in the evolution of vehicle safety, but can also be held in the palm of the drivers hand. Consisting of a double-tipped hardened steel hammer, and a safe seat belt cutting blade, it is designed as an aid drivers and passengers who, in the event of an emergency, need to quickly escape from their vehicle. Whether the emergency is due to submersion in water, a fire or a related event, this lifesaving device is easily stored out of the way, yet within range of the driver.

What's involved to get this job done?
Removing the cup holder from the rear fender panel cover, cut and install mesh to the bottom part, and mounting the LifeHammer into the cup holder was pretty much all what there was to it.

Shopping List
Part Description
LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer (Orange)
Made in the Netherlands, LifeHammer® allows people to escape from being trapped in vehicles by cutting jammed seat belts and breaking car windows.
(1) $12.50 each w/FREE Shipping and purchased on ebay
$12.50 w/Free s&h
@ ebay
OKGEAR (8MGAK-N) Fan Filter (Guard)
Features: 80mm Steel Mesh , Black, Designed to mount between a computer case fan and the case itself. This is a thin fan grill with a domed shape and the uniform mesh with high holes surface area allows maximum airflow.
(2) OEM bulk individual packages $1.99 each + s&h
approx. $9.50 incl. s&h
@ Directron

I also used material from my parts bin like a few screws and glue but didn't add it to the cost.
The entire cost for this project at this point comes out to approx. $22.00.

The first step was to remove the cup holder from the rear driver side fender panel cover. The cup holder is just snapped in the panel and was easy removed by pushing it towards the driver seat and then lifting it up. I used a plastic panel removal tool for that but could been easily done with a dull or taped off screw driver to prevent marring the surface of the panel..
The steel mesh fan grill was cut following the existing contour with a pair of tin snips. I then stuck the fan grill into the cup holder to check how deep it would sit in it and marked that spot with a sharpie pen.

I measured from the inner bottom to my mark, transferred the measurement to the outside and used masking tape going around the entire cup holder at that height and cut the cup holder bottoms off with a hack saw. I then glued the fan grills to the bottom from the inside using plastic epoxy.

The LifeHammer with it's mount was pushed into the cup holder and after checking level and seating within, secured with small simple Phillips screws. I made sure that before I pre-drilled, that I actually drill into the LifeHammer's mount as it is different shaped then the cup holder.

The project was completed after snapping it back into the fender panel. Reutilizing an useless cup holder which purpose was to serve passengers in the 3rd row seats which no longer exists makes me feel good about this mini project.

I really like the LifeHammer in that area. It is a bit hard to get to but here are other LifeHammers in the vehicle and you never know when you need it and where.

I thought this would be a perfect little father & son project for a Saturday afternoon and sure enough it was!

This project was completed on 10-11-2012

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