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Last Updated: 12/3/2013
HS Roller Rockers

Harland Sharp.
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Summit Racing Equipment
Address: P.O. Box 909
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I was looking for a little more power and torque out of my 360 magnum engine and it was time to take a good look at my valve train. My stock 360 magnum engine was delivered from the Chrysler plant with a quality roller cam and lifters, but the OEM stock rockers are simple stamped steel pieces do not have the desirable roller tips, thus adding friction which costs me horsepower.

I decided to exchange the OEM rockers for roller tip rockers from Harland Sharp to free up a few horses by reducing friction. I also would move from the factory 1.6 ratio to a 1.7 and get a little more lift which adds more duration. Simply said it is like making the engine see a bigger cam than what is really in there. If I should decide to swap in a performance cam at a later point, I certainly would install rockers with a 1.6 ratio. However, at this time I have no such plans and thus 1.7 ratio rockers are going in!

Harland Sharp offers an entire line of roller rockers for the Dodge Magnum engines and the option to purchase either adjustable on non-adjustable rockers. I chose the non-adjustable 1.7 ratio rockers (Part # 70037) which are made specifically as a stock replacement and will simply bolt into my engine without any modifications. I bought them for $367 from their online store.

Heck, they even would fit under the stock valve covers and oil baffles, although that's not in my plan, I will be installing my new Mopar Performance Cast Aluminum Covers which I purchased from Summit Racing Equipment instead.

Harland Sharp Roller Rockers

The basic procedure of this project is to remove the old valve covers, the stamped rockers and guides from my vehicles Magnum engine and replace it with this new high performance HS roller rockers, replace the valve cover gaskets and install the cast aluminum covers.

1. I started the project by disconnecting the battery.
Next was moving any cable harnesses and other lines such as for vacuum, alternator to battery, etc. completely out of harms way. I utilize cable ties to temporarily keep them at their new home for the time being. I then remove the bolts which hold the old valve covers in place, remove the valve covers, and take off the gaskets. I don't have to be to careful with the old stuff as I will be installing new valve covers and gaskets anyway.

2. I turn the engine on the flywheel until I feel that the first rocker pair I want to tackle has some play and unbolt the stock rockers from the head along with it's guide plate utilizing a 1/2" socket and a torque wrench. I then install the HS rocker without guide plates using Royal Purple assembly lube and tighten the rocker with the help of a torque wrench to their 21ft. lbs. specs.

Note about Guide Plates: The reason why Chrysler uses guide plates is because normal stud mounted rocker may actually turn on its stud at high RPM and may come off the valve and push rod completely while causing serious engine failure. The installed guide plates prevent this by holding the push rod in place and only allowing it to move up and down as it follows the lobes of the cam. The Harland Sharp rockers are paired together (intake and exhaust) on one shaft and because they are shaft mounted, they cannot turn on their stud and therefore there is no need for guide plates.

3. You can see in the picture the progress of installing the new rockers. I am removing the old rockers and installing the new Harland Sharp rockers one by one! .

4. The entire procedure is repeated on the opposite side of the engine as well. I had a bit of trouble with the ones close to the firewall as there is not much room to work in

5. After checking the torque on all of them one more time, I oiled them very generously with synthetic motor oil and placed the gaskets on the heads. I bolt the valve covers in place making sure that the gasket is seated correctly and doesn't get pinched anywhere.

I ordered the Valve Covers and gaskets from Summit Racing Equipment and they did came disassembled, meaning, I had to install the baffles, rubber grommets, the PVC valve (transferred from the old cover), and a breather.

I installed one metal baffle below the PVC valve and the other below the breather inside the valve covers. I don't want them below the Oil fill caps.

I did not install or transfer the original OEM elbow and tube from the old left (passenger side) valve cover but opted for a new
K&N breather filter from Summit Racing.

Finishing up!
It's time to reconnect the battery cable and starting the Durango up. I am looking for any oil leaks at the valve covers, but everything checks out and I don't hear any unusual noises either. I was aware that the new rockers will make a little noise for the first few seconds when the engine starts up being a bit dry, but this will go away within a few seconds when enough oil flows over them. I also know that they anyway sound a little bit different than the stockers, though.

After that, I make a quick oil and filter change to get rid of any dirt particles I may have overlooked while I installed the rockers or placed the valve covers back on and I am good to go. If there would have been a more persistent noise from the rockers, I would have shut the engine down, let it cool off a bit and pulled the valve covers back off to check for any rockers which aren't tight. All is OK and this project has been successful completed.

Installing the Harland Sharp Roller Rockers was overall an easy task which I was able to accomplish in a few hours in the evening. I can defenetly tell that there is a bit more power after installing the new rockers.

The Durango seams also a little quicker to rev up and it feels as she's pulling a bit harder uphills. It is my believe that this power increase is so noticable because I went with the 1.7 ratio rockers. In any case, I am extremely happy with the outcome and I would do it again as it is one of the easiest mods I have done, just cool!
This mod get's my stamp of approval!

This project was completed on 02-05-2009

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