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Last Updated: 12/4/2013
Off-Road Long-Range
Truck Light System

Harbor Freight Tools
Phone: 1-800-444-3353
Business Hours: 24/7
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Off-road lighting should light up any road, track or trail no matter how dark the night or how wicked the weather. These type of lights have usually very powerful bulbs inside in heavy-duty housings. The ones from Harbor Freight consist of powerful 100 watt halogen beams and include an unbreakable metal reflector.

These truck lights are constructed with a lightweight high-impact plastic body which make them perfect for the winter conditions here in the Michigan UP which will get your truck covered in a salty mix of snow grime, dirt, and water. Everything rusts here in half of the time then anywhere else in the world, so it seems.

I have heard so many good things about the inexpensive Harbor Freight Off-Road Long-Range Truck Light System (Item#3029) that I had to order a set for myself and try it out.

Harbor Freight Off-Road Long-Range Truck Light System

Off-Road Long-Range Truck Light System
Road Shock
Bulb wattage
Housing material
Mounting type
Number of lights
Light size (in.)
5 in. x 6 in.
Height 6-3/8", Length 7-3/8 ",Width 3-3/4"
  • Lightweight high-impact body
  • H-3 halogen lamp
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Unbreakable high-polish metal reflector
  • For off-road use only.
  • Includes Mounting hardware, wiring
  • 90 Day Warranty

    Available from Harbor Freight

Shopping List
Harbor Freight Off-Road Long-Range Truck Light System
Item#3029 Lightweight high-impact body, H-3 100W halogen lamps, Tempered glass lens, Unbreakable high-polish metal reflector.
(2 sets $29.99 each) Purchase Amount: $60.00 +6.99 s&h @ Harbor Freight
Delphi Weatherpack 16-14 AWG 2 Pin Connector kit
(1) Female 2 way connector housing GM # 12015792,(1) Male 2 way connector housing GM # 12010973,(2) Female EZ-crimp terminals GM # 12124580,(2) Male EZ-crimp terminals 16-14 ga GM # 12124582,(4) Wire/terminal seals (gray) GM # 12010293
(4 sets $3.50 each) Purchase Amount: $14.00 w/FREE shipping @ ebay
KC HiLiTES 7409 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Hood Mount 2-Tab Light Bar
Designed for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2012, Black Powder Coated 1/2" Tubing with 2 Light Tabs Hood Mount Light Bar by KC HiLiTES®. Hood mount light bar for mounting two auxiliary lights to your Jeep. Steel, powder coated, uses original hood hinge holes, no drilling necessary.
Retail $42.41 @ Amazon -
Purchase Amount: FREE

The entire cost for this project at this point comes out to approx. $80.00 which also includes the flat s&h charges from Harbor Freight. I had the KC light bar since a few lyears laying around in the garage. It came along as a promo gift with a set of lights I bought and thus was free.

What's involved to get this job done?
The light system needs a mounting bar which needs to be fastened to the front bumper. Instead of the provided wiring kit I will be using my own relays and fusing. A switch will be installed in the center console to turn the lights on and off.


Both light sets arrived quickly and I was ready to get going on the long awaited project on installing them onto the KC Light Bar on the front bumper above the winch.

While still in their Styrofoam package I hooked them up to a car battery I keep charged in the garage for testing. The quick test certainly showed that they are working, sunglasses please!

Modifying the KC Light Bar

The KC Light Bar was just the right size and shape would have been a perfect fit on the bumper if it wasn't for the mounting side latches to face inward.

I started out by taking the paint off with my angle grinder and proceeded to cut the latches off and then I welded them back on but this time facing in opposite direction, meaning to point outward as you can see in the pictures to the right.

KC Light bar mounts inward.

KC Light bar mounts outward.

I placed the light bar on the bumper to find the best position while making sure that my winch clutch lever can move the full 180 degrees. I marked the location and drilled and tapped the four holes and temporary installed the light bar with bolts.

The KC light bar has two mounting tabs for lighting and I needed four. I also wanted to strengthen the entire bar and decided to weld a steel flat bar stock horizontal to the light bar. I was able to utilize the existing light mounting tabs as a guide which made this process quite easy.

I then measured and marked the location for the holes in which the studs from the lights go and drilled them out. After deburring the holes and a quick sand down and cleanup I gave the light bar a few coats of Dupli-Color truck bed coating and left it to cure out before mounting it to the bumper.

Modifying the HF Lights

To make the system easy to remove when needed I am modifying each light with heavier gauge wire and add a Delphi Weatherpack (2 Pin) 16-14 AWG connector to each light. These connectors are waterproof and they have never given me problems. I crimp the wires to the pins and then solder them. I apply dielectric grease just for good measure.

After a quick test fit of the lights to the light bar I decided to cut a bit from the bottom plastic light housing off with my Dremel Tool and added a little to the base of the light to allow for more up and down adjustment. I created the spacer from 1/4" PVC which I always keep on hand.

I then made a template from cardboard for my relay setup for on the front of the driver fender well next to the radiator as this area is protected by a rubber skirt. I transferred the template to a piece of 1/4" PVC and cut the plate on my table scroll saw.

I am using one Panasonic car relay rated for 70A for each set of lights, and a maxi fuse in a waterproof fuse holder rated 50A for both.
The relays are overkill but I had them in my parts bin and therefore I used them. I used a 8 ga. copper stranded wire for the supply line to and from the fuse to the relay plate and mounted everything in place. I added to supply lines coming from the relays the Weatherpack connectors. I then mounted the lights to the light bar and connected them.

Finishing up:
A few cable ties and some split wire loom completed the project. I took the Durango for a test drive on a nearby forest road and switched the lights on and believe me if I tell you that these will get you out of the dark. These truck lights are bright and I like that they are more a kind of spot light instead of a flood light type. Adjusting them correctly out here in the dark made also a difference. I spent about 8 hours on this project and I like how it turned out.

It was fun re-fabricating the KC light bar for the Harbor Freight Off-Road Long-Range Truck Light System. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw the lights at their online store for 30 bucks a set and I really didn't expect to much but I was proven wrong. So far they survived the last winter full of snow, ice, and salt. They held up on-road and going off-road in rain and mud Bravo!

To sum it all up, these lights are awesome on any back road I have used them on! One thing for sure, I wouldn't want to be without after getting the luxury treatment on having the extra light when needed.

A stamp of approval no doubt.

This project was completed on 01-24-2013

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