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Preventative maintenance is extremely important!
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You are likely here because you love your vehicle just as much as I do mine, you have a similar Durango and look for some tips and tricks on the subject, or you just enjoy to read what I have to say. In either case, I urge you to take the time and effort on learning how to do basic maintance on your truck if you haven't done so already.

Doing an oil change or other basic maintance on your truck yourself does not require much skill, but you may have to crawl under your truck, there may be some oil drip down your sleeve. If you could think of a more productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon then this site is obviously not meant for you.

Believe me when I tell you that many top mechanics have started out in their carrier on their own trucks or cars doing simple maintenance. It is a very rewarding and satisfying feeling which you will have when you finally get on top of a new set of skills! Doing your own maintance also saves you a bunch of money because when service is due, you just go to your favorite auto parts store pick up what you need and spend a little bit of fun time in the garage.

Factory service schedules should always be followed when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. Factory engineers always recommended a specific engine, transmission, and differential oil and take many variables into account when designing a service schedule, so they should be followed as closely as possible.
Inspecting and/or testing the condition of the all systems (e.g., engine, transmission, differentials, etc.) and servicing or replacing parts and fluids in regular intervals are a must and not optional. During preventive maintenance, any parts which show wear are replaced to avoid any major damage which also could compromise safety.

Taking care of the outside of the vehicle is just as important as maintaining the rest of it, because the paint on the vehicle is a barrier against all of the harmful elements in the air, especially when it rains or snows, keeping it clean and properly waxed is vital to making it last the life of the vehicle and preventing rust to take over.

While I am out there washing and waxing, I do inspect the entire Durango for broken or faded lenses, inoperative lights and other exterior damage. The exterior lights on the truck just like windshield wipers are safety devices, having them in proper working order benefits everyone. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of the truck!
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Engine Oil & Filter Change
The manufacturer recommended engine oil & oil filter change interval for the Dodge Magnum 5.9l engine is every 3000 miles.

Transmission Oil & Filter
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Lube Service
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Differential Oil (Front & Rear)
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Windshield Wipers
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Other Basic Maintenance
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