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Last Updated: 12/3/2013
Fire Extinguisher

Kidde Residential & Commercial Division
1016 Corporate Park Drive
Mebane, NC 27302
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST, Mo - Fri, Except Holidays
Phone: 1-800-880-6788
Main Office: 919-563-59113
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Address:1138 W. Ewing Street
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (800) 704-2157 - Toll Free
(206) 285-7836
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I put a lot of effort, work, and money into my Durango and besides doing regular maintenance, purchasing an auto fire extinguisher should be a no-brainer when it comes to having some sort of protection in case of a fire.

Most vehicle fires begin under the hood in the engine compartment. Short circuits, leaking fluids and a faulty fuel delivery system are the common cause but fires can also start in exhaust system manifolds, catalytic converters and even brakes.

How about an accident? According the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. public fire departments in 2004 responded to an estimated 266,500 highway-type vehicle fires. These fires claimed many lives and caused millions in direct property damage.

A quick blast from a fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a minor annoyance and a major catastrophe - on the highway or offroad. If you can't afford a top shelf extinguisher, get a cheaper one which is certainly better then none and upgrade to a better model when the budget allows it, because when a fire does strike, swift action is key.

I did a lot of research on what to get. Most of them are similar or identical in the extinguishing agents they are using while differ in the design and material of the canister, the nozzle material, etc.
Some are approved for aircraft or sanctioned for automobile motorsport races and rally's, others are not. Well, I don't race and I don't intend to lift off from an airstrip anytime soon. All I need is a fire extinguisher which is easy to use and for anyone simple to figure out. I will mount it at a convenient to get to location.

Manufacturer Kidde Fire and Safety
Manufacturer Part # 21006287
Certifications & Standards UL Rated 5-B:C
Product Name Auto Fire Extinguisher
Color Silver
Brand Name Kidde
Cylinder Capacity 2.00 lb
Fire Class C: Live Electrical Equipment
B: Flammable Liquids
Material Cylinder
Material Handle
Aluminum Cylinder
Nylon Handle
Application/Usage Automobile
Unit Weight 2 7/8 lbs
Charge Weight 2 lbs
Global Product Type Fire Extinguishers-Disposable
Country of Origin MX
I have decided to purchase a fire extinguisher model from Kidde, this manufacturer home in Mebane, NC, has been in business for more than 90 years. Industry leaders, the military, airlines, and firefighters have relied on Kidde to deliver superior fire suppression and thus I believe that I can trust them with protecting my Durango :-)

The Auto Fire Extinguisher (Kidde #21006287) I choose is especially marketed for automobile use.
It features a nice compact design and the canister is made from lightweight aluminum and painted silver. This fire extinguisher contains 2 lbs of U.L. Rated 5-B:C extinguishing agent.

This fire extinguisher is designed for single use and is not refillable which is fine with me. God forbid if I ever have to use it, but if I do and my Durango survives, I am just going to replace it. I am pretty sure that sending an extinguisher back to have it refilled adds up to about the same cost as a new replacement.

What's involved to get this job done?
The fire extinguisher needs a bracket and to be mounted at a convenient location one can get access to in a hurry. I decided to mount it in front of the driver seat in such way so that the extinguisher will move with the seat without binding regardless if the seat is adjusted in any possible way. The winters in the UP are long and the streets are heavily salted here and thus, having anything this close to the floor needs a corrosion resistant base. I will be using aluminum for the bracket fabrication and hardware made of stainless steel.

Shopping List
Part Description
The Kidde Auto Fire Extinguisher for automobile fires.
This model features a preferred compact design. Contains 2 lb of extinguishing agent. Made of lightweight aluminum. Fire extinguisher has a rust-resistant and impact-resistant nylon handle. Designed for single use. U.L. Rated 5-B:C.
(1) $20.37 each (an incredible deal found on ebay!)
w/FREE s&h @ ebay
Aluminum Flat Stock Material
I will fabricate the bracket from a 2 feet long, 1.5 inch wide, and 0.125 thick piece of aluminum which I already have in my parts bin and which was ordered from some time ago for about 4 bucks. I will be using stainless steel hardware for bolts & nuts, 2 ss u-bolts, a small piece of 1/4" thick PVC, Loctite, and a small amount of tennis grip tape all items which I also took from my parts bin.
~ $10.00
@ my parts bin

The entire cost for this project at this point comes out to approx. $40.00, I had no s&h charges.

Fabrication and Install:
The basic procedure of this project is to fabricate a bracket for the fire extinguisher from aluminum and mounting it to the motor axle housing of the driver seat..

The picture to the right is taken of the driver seat before I began on fabricating the bracket and mounting my fire extinguisher in place. Besides given it a quick clean up nothing has yet been done to it.The black spiral cable in the picture, it is part of my Cobra CB Radio.

1. I am using a 1/8" thick aluminum stock flat for the bracket. It's available from most hard ware stores or from, the place I like go to for my project materials.

2. I start out by meassuring the needed length taken from the seat frame, adding the bends, then cutting the aluminum to size and begin with markings for the machining in my mill. I make the bending to fit the bracket around the driver seat's motor assembly.

3. I am machining the ends to fit around the motor axle after they are bend upwards and make cuts for the motor "cams" left and right. I also fabricated an angle piece which also needs two cuts.

4. Bending it simply by using my vise and while repeated test fitting to assure it will mount properly, Next, I drill two holes to accept the angled piece to which a piece of 1/4" thick PVC plate is mated.

5. All machining, drilling, and cut outs are made and finished. Now the two parts are ready to be assembled and are ready to accept the PVC plate to which the Kidde plastic extinguisher holder will mount to.

6. You can see in the outer right picture the completed assembly which will be mounted to the motor driven axle of the driver seat by utilizing two stainless steel u-bolts I had in my parts bin. I will wrap them with Hockey tape to protect the axle housing.

7. Installing it into the Durango was easy as I had made sure that the measurements are accurate. All what's left to do is to put the fire extinguisher in place and call my Boss to approve the job.

8. It wasn't long before the Boss showed up and after checking all the bolts he gave his OK to the install. .....I love to involve my son in my projects, he and I have lots of fun and we make a good team!

This project has been successful completed and I did had lots of fun doing it. Fabricating and installing the bracket was overall a fairly simple task but it did involve quite an amount of planing ahead and keeping the tape measure handy. I was able to accomplish the entire project on an afternoons. I am very happy with the result!

For some time now I wanted to replace the spray can style extinguisher I carried in my recovery bag with something better.
The Kidde Auto Fire Extinguisher is a bit more powerful unit and now mounted at a convenient easy to reach location.

I now have a more appropriate solution for my Durango just in case and I likely will make another one for the 2nd row seat section in the cab.

I am very happy with the result and it's awesome having my son involved and interested in this cool custom project we did!

This project was completed on 06-26-2012

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