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Last Updated: 12/4/2013
B&M Tranny Pan

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My OEM transmission pan had some big dents in it and besides the beat up looks, I started to worry that I may not be able to have adequate cooling due to the big dents and thus having less oil in the pan. I also discovered that I was missing two bolts and it was a miracle that the old pan still sealed up properly.
My search for a higher quality aftermarket replacement for the 2003 Durango SLT+ began.
I wanted a cast aluminum pan and not a stamped pan like the OEM currently on the truck.

I also wanted a tranny pan that had been fitted with a drain plug for easier and cleaner fluid changes, and if possible has already a bung for a temperature sensor.
I have the 46RE transmission utilizing the same bolt pattern as a 727 tranny and therefore the B&M 10280 Aluminum transmission pan should be a pretty close fit.

The B&M pan is described as having an 2 extra quart carrying capacity, which is true if used on Chrysler's 727 TorqueFlite transmission but if used for the RH and RE there is no gain in capacity.

The 46RH 46RE 47RH 47RE 48RE are pretty much identical transmissions. The RH/RE indicates if its a hydraulic or electronic governor. The 46/47/48 is a "size". Basically more clutch plates.

Many have reported that the B&M one will not fit the 46RE tranny, because the solenoid would hit on one of the internal cooling fins. This is correct, but if you measure the mounting holes from the OEM pan and compare it to the B&M pan you quickly realize that they are of different diameter which leaves you with zero adjustment or so to speak play!

I drilled the holes out to the exact same size as the OEM pan and the B&M pan fit perfect along with the Mopar re-usable gasket and allowing the solenoid to slip between the fins. It's tight fit, but a fit!

The B&M 10280 has a drain plug and a sensor bung. You may have read that a sensor installed in the pan doesn't make sense because it would only be reading the temperature from fluid that has already been ran through the cooler and that's in my opinion true. However, I do like that I have the option to install a temp sensor in the pan in addition to one in the supply line (hot-line) and preferably make it switchable.

Shopping List
Part Description
B&M 10280 automatic transmission deep pan Made from cast aluminum, no modifications to the dipstick are needed. Has a drain plug for easy fluid changes and a bung for a temperature sender. Filter extensions are included for those applications that require the filter to be moved closer to the bottom of the pan.

$135.95 + $11.95 s&h @ Summit Racing
MOPAR Transmission Oil Pan Gasket
This OEM molded rubber bonded to a steel reinforcement gasket has fourteen (14) bolt holes and is re-useable.
I found mine on ebay brand new for 4 bucks.
Mopar Part # 2464324AC

$3.99 each + $4.00 s&h @ ebay
Parts Master Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF+4®
Designed to meet the specific requirements of Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep vehicles. Parts Master ATF+4® is a high-quality synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of Chrysler automatic transmissions, excellent low and high temperature performance, superior anti-wear and anti-oxidation properties, and contains additive to reduce foaming.

(6) $4.39 each $27.92 incl. Tax @ Auto Value Parts Store

Cost: I also purchased a new tube of thread sealer at my local auto parts store which I have not listed above for 6 bucks. The entire cost for this project at this point comes out to approx. $178.00.

The basic procedure of this project is to replace the old OEM transmission pan with the aftermarket B&M cast aluminum pan. Install a new gasket, transmission fluid filter, and add the correct amount of transmission fluid.

Getting Started:
After a short time of engine warm up I jacked the Durango up and secured the vehicle with 6ton jack stands. I then unbolted and removed the original OEM tranny pan while letting the old fluid drain into a large plastic oil drain pan. As usual a messy job, no drain plug on the OEM pan in sight!
I left it sit for an hour went back to it to remove the old tranny fluid filter from the transmission.

For now I am installing a brass plug in the temperature sender bung using thread sealant to prevent leaking.
I have used LocTite sealer in the past but moved on to a sealer made by Permatex. It's a bit less runny and just works better for me.

The OEM filter was held it in place on two bolts having a third "dummy" bolt below. The new B&M filter has three holes and three bolts for fastening. I had to remove the "dummy" bolt from the tranny and bolt the new filter in place utilizing the short extension, the small filter gasket, and the three shorter bolts which both came with the B&M pan install kit.

The next step was to enlarge all the outer mounting holes from the new B&M pan to match the ones of the OEM pan. I used my drill press and a de-burring hand tool to do this job. A good cleaning followed to avoid any metal shavings in the tranny.

The Mopar gasket was put on the pan using a bit of Loctite 39158 Hi-Tack Stick which prevents it from sliding off. The cork gasket was discarded, I never did like them very much.
I opted for the Mopar gasket over the included one because in the past felt type gaskets gave me problems more often than not.

Installing the new B&M pan was a bit tricky, alignment to avoid damaging the solenoid was critical and not an easy task laying under the truck. After verifying that the pan has seated nicely to the tranny one hand holds the tranny pan and the other gets the bolting done.

The OEM tranny pan was removed.

B&M pan ready and clean after drilling..

B&M pan ready and clean after drilling..

The new filter and extension is installed.

Inspection by the shop's BossMan.

Installing the bushing into the pod.

It took me a few tries but the help of my boy handing me the bolts one by one proofed to be the best way of doing this job.

Finishing up:
Filling the tranny up with fluid was the last thing on the list. It took 6 quarts. I still have an extra quart from the last tranny fluid change and I will keep it on hand if I should need to add some after a short test trip.

It used to be a messy job because there was no drain plug to change the fluid.
Next time when I need to change the fluid, I don't have to remove the pan from the bottom of the transmission full of oil. Exhibiting less effort and for sure less oil in my shirt sleeves.

Having my son helping me with the install and other parts of the project made this entire tranny pan swap a lot easier although it still took us an entire afternoon to do this.
Most of all we had a lot of fun and when my son was asking me for his own tool box after we completed the project made me feel especially good....and of course we went out and purchased some real tools for the man!

This project was completed on 11-02-2012

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