Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!
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Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!
So, You Want to Go Metal Detecting!
Metal Detecting is a wonderful hobby for both young and old alike. You will find yourself getting exercise, engaging in the history of your area, and meeting many new people along the way!  But there is more to it than just getting a detector and digging some holes. First and formost, be sure to have permission for any lands that are private, and watch for lands that are protected and/or designated as a no metal detecting zone.  This may include certain state parks, National Monuments, and other similar areas where our heritage is protected. Always, when in doubt, ask first!
When out in the field, don't forget to always dig your hole in as tidy a fashion as possible, and fill it back in as best as possible when you have recovered your find.  A good shovel makes this task so much easier. We recommend the Radius Root Slayer Shovel  or  Lesche Metal Detecting shovels as sturdy and strong shovels.
Finally, don't forget to take all your trash with you, including the undesirable items you may have dug on your outing. Put them in a bin, and drop them at a metal recycler. Those bottle tops will all add up after awhile!

Metal Detectors ....
There are many, many detector around, and everyone has a favorite. These are some of our top choices:


The Ultimate Checklist ....
Metal Detector
Control Box Cover (protection from Rain, Mist, Swirling Dust, Dirt, Mud, etc.)
Coil Cover (protection of Search Coil from wear by rocks and rough ground etc.)
Pin-Pointer w/Holster and Lanyard
Hand Digging Tool (Trowel, Lesche Digging Tool.,etc.) w/Sheath
Shovel (Root Slayer, White's Ground Hawg Shovel, Anakonda, Predator Tools, etc)
Small Flashlight
Small Magnifying Glass
Multi Tool (Swiss Army knive etc.)
Knee Pads
Find Pouch, Trash Pouch
Plastic case w/foam for Coin or Treasure Keeps
Mist Spray Bottle filled with water for cleaning Coins,Rings etc in the field
Tootpicks and Toothbrush (for cleaning Coins,Rings etc n the field)
Small microfiber towel
Backpack or Hip Pack

- Small glass veil if you go Nugget or Copper hunting,
- Additional Non-Metalilc Composite Trowel if you go Gold Nugget hunting
- Sand Scoop if you go Beach hunting

Spare Parts & Items which can come handy to have with you:
Spare Batteries for the above (rechargeable) & Charger
Coil Bolt Kit (Non-Metallic Nut, Bolt ,and Rubber Washers to mount Search Coil to shaft)
Velcro Tie Strips for keeping coil cable tightly on shaft Preventing hanging up on brush etc.
Mini Survival/First Aid Kit

Optional if you intend to film your hunts:
Large Padded Detector Carry Bag and Duffel Bag for accessories
Action Camera (GoPro or ThiEye) w/extra SD Card and Battery
Headband or Chest belt and Selfie Stick for mounting the camera

For the home:
Coin Identifier book
Small gold scale for weighing your rings and finds
Silver and Gold ID kit
USB Charger for your Detector, Headphones etc if they are of the rechargeable type
Detector Stand

Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!