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Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!
The Yeti'Dapter Pro
Nokta|Makro Kruzer/Anfibio Lockable 6.3mm Headphone Adapter Cable
Yeti'Dapter Pro

Suitable for the Nokta|Makro Kruzer and Anfibio range of metal detectors, the Yeti'Dapter Pro is made in the USA. This converter cable allows you to plug in your favorite brand of metal detecting headphones into your Kruzer or Anfibio Detector. They are also valuable as an emergency backup in your finds bag in case your wireless headphones run out of charge.

The Yeti'Dapter Pro is not only sturdier than OEM, it has a cable twice as thick as adapters that can be found on eBay or sold by detecting shops and websites for a heftier price!

The lockable Yeti'Dapter Pro version is equipped with the waterproof proprietary multi-pin jack for the Nokta | Makro control box and on the other end the popular 6.3mm (1/4") female plug which locks the jack. It is a very secure solution which prevents the jack from accidentally disconnecting when traveling through brush rich terrain or on sites where you might find yourself laying your detector down frequently.The locking mechanism is simple: just push the red release knob back, towards the adapter, and the headphone jack is released.

If you find yourself wishing you could use your beloved headphones with your Anfibio or Kruzer, the Yeti'Dapter Pro is for you!

Length: Approx. 8"
Weight: Approx. 1.5 oz

Price: $39.95


Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!