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 Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!
Glossary of Metal Detecting Terms:  

Clad: A coin that has been made with non-precious alloys. In the US, it is generally dimes after 1965, pennies after 1958.
Copper: A coin that is made of copper, generally a colonial or large cent.
Coinshooters: A metal dectorist who hunts mainly for coins.
Coinspill: A place where coins where lost in a group.
Digger: A metal dectorist.
Discrimination: A setting on your detector to selectively filter out certain metal signals
Draped Bust: An American coin from 1795 to 1808 featuring artwork by Robert Scot of Lady Liberty on the obverse ide. Featured on the half cent, large cent, half dime, dime, quarter, and half dollar.
EMI: Electromagnetic interference, such as from power lines.
Fattie: A thick coin, usually an Indian head cent from 1859 and 1864. These are thicker than later minted Inidain head cents.
Find: Something you found that is worth keeping.
Ground Balancing: Adjusting your metal detector to soil mineralizationat the current location you are at.
Hot Rock: A highly mineralized rock that gives you false signals. Very annoying!
Hunted Out: A site that has been repeatedly metal detected.
Indian: A US indian head cent minted from 1859-1909.

Memorial: A 1959-present Lincoln Memorial 1-cent penny.
Nulling : When the detector's threshold disappears.
Pinpointer: A small handheld device used to help locate a find in the hole or soil.
Plug: A hole you have dug that did not harm the grass/topsoil. Usually can be flipped over out of the hole, and then flipped back in making your hole nearly indiscernible after digging.
Threshold: The "hum" made by a detector when no target is detected.
Wheatie: A US wheat back penny  minted 1909-1958.

Welcome to Snowdigger Metal Detecting!