Last Updated: 12/2/2013
The Photo Gallery
Photos that I've taken at travels,in the shop, in my garage, and under my truck.
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Photo Gallery

Welcome to my Photo Gallery, which is the place where I like to introduce you to some of my favorite photos and a bit about the stories behind them. The sole reason to create this little personal section was to share my pictures that I've taken during travels and various road trips locally around here in the Michigan UP and also across the US with my with friends, family, and everyone else who is interested.

Photos from our relocation from New Mexico to the Michigan UP.
A great trip of 1680 Miles
(2704 KM)
The wonderful trip continues and a stop at the Cabellas store was a great experience!
We're pretty exhausted but it's all downhill from now. We finally arrived at our new home! View this Album
Exploring some dirt roads close to my home town in Spring of 2008
<- here is my copilot,
he is always with me!
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Photos from a short wheeling trip in the fresh snow in December 2008 just out of town
The new Lund MoonVisor with lighting has been installed!
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Beautiful Fall colors! We are tackling the nearby Forest Service Road in October 2009
The UP is not only in the Fall that beautiful!
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Trip through Traprock Valley in December 2009
Testing the new
installed VIS Hood!
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I hope you enjoyed my little photo-album. If you do, don't forget to come back from time to time.

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