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Greetings! Well everyone else seems to have these pages that tell
about themselves a little, so I figured I'd put a little bit about myself here.

About Me
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Frank My name is Frank and I enjoy traveling with my family the beautiful US, like to play and experiment off-road in the snow a bit, but most of all I like wrenching on my truck.
I get a tremendous enjoyment out of working and modding my Dodge Durango while transforming it into my ultimate personal exploration vehicle.
You will find me in garage it is my place to find peace and that's were I have created the many mods to my truck and that's pretty much what this site is all about.
I have created these pages in December 03, 2007 to share my projects with friends and anyone else who is interested.
Neil lives just across the street and shares the same passion for cars and trucks.
He is a good friend and I can count on him whenever I need help! He has wealth of knowledge and has build his own hotrod from the bottom up in his garage!
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Photo Gallery

The "Photo Gallery" has some of my favorite pictures of my Durango, our family trips, and others of interest.

My favorite automotive TV shows are Gearz, Top Gear (UK's BBC Version), HorsePower, Trucks!, Xtreme4x4, and Ultimate Factories (if the show is automotive related) pretty much in that order, but I really do enjoy them all. My favorite automotive magazine is Engine Masters published by Popular Hot Rodding.

Other interests besides my Durango, programming, and computers are digital photography, movies & TV, and let's also not forget to mention that I love to go treasure hunting.
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Metal Detecting is our number one family hobby, and is the one we enjoy the most. The vehicle which get's us into the lesser known places with undisturbed soil is my Durango you read about here at SnowDigger.com
You should try it too, it's a bunch of fun, inexpensive to get started, and it is also an interesting hobby for any age.

I hope to eventually get around to include some pages on this site about our treassure hunt so you can see how much time we spend outdoor metal detecting and having fun.

My wife and I are using a Fisher metal detector which either can't be beat for the price and my son is doing an awesome job with his brand new Bounty Hunter 1st Texas Pilot detector made by First Texas Products LLC we purchased online from Kellyco which is a Metal Detector's Superstore located in Florida.

Gone Fishing I also enjoy fishing with the whole family taking along some sandwiches, root beer, and we all use our trusty rods at the local pond catching yellow perch, catfish, and walleye. Still trying to catch the big one :-)

For now in all honesty, I am just happy that my health has been lately good enough to enjoy the outdoors again and have some serious fun!

I was born overseas in the sixties. Even though I am born American, I spent my entire childhood in Europe and thus English is not my native tongue. I worked as an apprentice under a German master mechanic for many years and received hands-on automotive training which still sticks with me today after almost three decades.

It was a sad day in my life when the gentleman past away due to an embolism. He was a good and generous person which taught me so many things, he will be missed. I then worked for an automotive machine shop specializing in custom engine rebuilding and head repair for about a year, quit, and went back to school for a whopping six years.

I now hold degrees in computer science and in engineering and in that capacity I spend a considerable amount of time developing software for applied electronics and take part in shaping the future direction of a product. I have been fascinated by automotive mechanics, electronics, and programming since I was in high school.


Over the last decade, medicine has seen great advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Many people with the disease are living longer and many are cured. That's thanks to cancer research and people who are willing to make sacrifices. Sacrifices such as donating bone marrow. Please, Join the Be The Match Registry.

My health is an issue all by itself, I have been batteling Leukemia (AML) which is a cancer of the blood that starts inside bone marrow. I was diagnosed in June of 2009 and had four chemo treatments in that year but the cancer returned 14 month later in the fall of 2010.

Although I went again in remission after more chemo's, my now only chance of survival was to receive a bone marow transplant, a life giving donor needed to be found.
I was very lucky, a perfect matching donor was found in 2011. I did receive the transplant and after four month in the Karmanos Hospital located in Detroit, MI. I was able to come home. It wasn't a cake walk and there were times I thought I wouldn't make it, but I did.
The good news are that my transplant is in place and working absolutely great! I am feeling quite well considering what I have gone through! I hope that my health remains in the current state and that I can count myself someday to the group of cancer survivors.
I always have kept a positive frame of mind and continue to do so.

The support of my family, my friends, and you the visitor of SnowDigger.com is what kept and keeps me going.

Above all, I love my family, I am a lucky man to have such an understanding and wonderful wife and a son which brings me happiness every day of my life!

There, now you know more about me than you probably ever wanted to know.

Thanks for visiting my page!
Frank and Son

....oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that I can't stand people who believe
they have Absolute Truth and believe that their truth is true for everyone.

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