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For the most part, this website details the enjoyment I get out of working and modding my Dodge Durango while transforming it into my ultimate personal exploration and a well- rounded extraordinarily vehicle capable of meeting a wide variety of transportation needs, from running everyday errands to serving as a rolling base for adventures trips in the harsh winter conditions found here in the Michigan UP, and yet still has to offer all the amenities you'd expect to find in a luxury SUV.

Stay  if you like, leave if you must, enjoy while you're here.
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I have created a vehicle that I can drive out of my driveway, go 1000 miles over highway, turn off onto a dirt road and go another 50 miles into the back country away from everybody else. No trailers to unhook, no stops, nothing to fix before hitting the trail; a stand alone vehicle that can take the family anywhere I want it to.

I have been stuck in remote areas and it sucks when no one is around to help out. I am now able to practically recover my self or helping someone else out if stuck. I also added multiple system which give me the capability of communicating emergency needs when a disaster hits.

Although the majority of the modifications a have made to the vehicle are purpose driven, a touch of my personal style is clearly a part of it. I had a very distinct vision of what I wanted my Durango to resemble and I feel that I have accomplished my goal.

I am currently in Year 6 of my project! Was it a slow, labor intensive, and somewhat costly project? Yes!
Am I finished? No, not by long shot! I am always excited when I find the time to wrench on my Durango, fixing and building things for it in my Garage and I just don't foresee that this would change anytime soon.

Visit my Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

The "Photo Gallery" has some of my favorite pictures of my Durango, our family trips, and others of interest.

01-13-2014 What's new @ Snowdigger?

Lot's of updates to the site!
I have revamped and slimmed the site quite a bit to get rid of all the google ads (and others). I had placed them for the purpose of carrying some of the hosting cost but the ads turned out to be more of a hassle than anything else. When the ads started to ignore the actual subject of my site they became annoying to you, my readers, and thus they are now gone.

Many of you using tablets to navigate the web, the pages are less wide and I also did some redesign to make them easier to browse on smaller screens.

I am a programmer of profession and as such I am aware that Firefox and some other browsers seem to have lot's of issues with the Adobe Flashplayer plugin, as a result I did remove all flash content from the site and will instead be using the HTML5 player or other non-intrusive media more native to the OS.

In the garage:
I has finally success finding an aluminum cast cover for the 8"/205mm IFS front differential for my 2003 Durango. PML the manufacturer, gave me the opportunity to aquire and test a prototype of their differential cover. It took a day to install and so far it's holding up just fine.

Project Preview

Completed SnowDigger Projects

Newest Project

A cast aluminum cover for the 8", 205mm IFS Differential! Check it out
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General Maintenance

Recovery Gear

Stereo System
CB Radio & Antenna
Fire Extinguisher
Rear Cab Remake
Custom Center Console

Heavy Duty Winch
KC HiLites Fog Lights
VIS Fiberglass Hood
LED Backup Lights
Winch Handle Mod
HF Off-Road Driving Lights

Fan Delete Mod
OEM Throttle Body Mod
Harland Sharp Roller Rockers
Hughes Intake Manifold
IAT Sensor Mod
10.4mm Spark Plug Wires
E3 Spark Plugs
Fuel Rails & Injectors
B&M Transmission Pan
Purge Valve Relocation
Transmission Cooler
PML Front Differential Cover

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