Welcome! We are a three-detectorist family living in Michigan. We got our first detector over 12 years ago, but life got in the way for some time. The last couple years we have been able to really dive into our hobby, and all three of us enjoy going out and finding float copper, relics, and the occasional coin. Hope you enjoy this little site and our YouTube channel, and happy hunting!

We love detecting on the beach, but also enjoy parks and homesteads. On the beach, we detect mainly for copper rocks but don't say no to a nice coin or relic :)

Snowdigger Junior 2012
Detector History
Mom and Dad began detecting in 2006, Snowdigger Junior joined the detecting team in 2012 with a Bounty Hunter Pilot which was modified by Dad by shortening the lower rod and adding a headphone connector to it. He now is a teenager and swings a Garrett AT Max. Mom and Dad started out with a Tesoro, then moved on to the Fisher Goldbug and the Fisher F2 for Mom. Dad followed up with a Nokta FORS Gold and now uses the Nokta | Makro Anfibio Multi. Mom is currently detecting with the China made TIANXUN TX 850 (modified with volume control and wireless headphone system) and awaiting the Nokta | Makro Simplex+ to show up in the US.

YouTube Channel
We now have the Snowdigger YouTube channel you can visit to join us on our detecting adventures.

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The 3 Detecteers 2015

The 3 Detecteers 2019

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